Model MR-300


Automatic liquid and paste  packaging machine

Standard function
– Film end stop device  
– Heater for second horizontal sealing roll  
– Packaging film braking unit  
– l-notching device  
– Cutter device
– Packaging film shaft forward-backward moving device
(operated manually)
– Air expelling roll
– Safety devices (Interlocks for safety)
– Product carry-out guide
– Packaging film pull-out roll (non-slip type)
– Universal bag guide

Bag length  

Fixed pitch (To cope with elongation and shrinkage of the packaging film, small amount of adjustment is possible.) 

Film width

60 to 200 mm. (200 is a 4-side sealing type) 

Packaging speed (#1)

5 to 24 m/min. (Varies depending on bag length) 

Packaging volume (#2) 

1 to 100 cc. 

Diameter of packaging film 

⌀ 350 mm. 


1,300 wide × 650 deep × 2,100 high (mm) 


750 kg. 

Power supply

3-phase, 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz(4.8 kW at peak, 2.5 kW on the average)