Model MC102


Computer Controlled Vertical Type 3-side Pair Packaging Machine.

Packaging Dimensions
​Standard function
The Model MC102 is at the top of the best-seller list and excellent  in operability and versatility.          
By virtue of the built-in microcomputer, changing the length of the  bags and photo cell control can be set digitally by simple operation,  and the volume of the material to be packed can be changed with ease.
Operation panel
– The length of the bags can be set digitally by simple operation  by virtue of the microcomputer.  
– When the abnormal stop device is actuated, the warning lamp goes on.



Packaging speed

60 to 120 bags/min. (The range will be discussed and determined later  

Packaging volume

Case by case 

Electric power

– Main motor : 200 W, 1.2 kW at peak, 1.0 kW on the average  
– Bag feeding motor : 280 W 
– Film feeding motor : 50 W 
– Heater : 180 W × 2,180 W × 4 (option) (Both sides sealing : Option) 


950 wide × 930 deep × 1,960 high (mm.) (Subject to change) 


450 kg.